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We are a financial services, accounting services and tax advisory firm in Tokyo, providing support to growth-oriented companies.
For foreign companies expanding into Japan, we provide services such as bookkeeping, payroll, and bank transfers in addition to tax reporting, which contributes to the efficiency of administrative tasks.

As our teams are supervised by tax accountants and certified public accountants that have experience working at the “Big Four” major accounting firms, our services are of excellent quality. Moreover, with staff that are bilingual in Japanese and English, we can reliably and promptly answer questions from headquarters in English.

We believe that we can effectively support the growth of foreign companies in Japan by acquiring a solid understanding of the company’s business, then providing accounting and tax services that correspond to the company’s growth stage.

Our Services

Our Services

Aoba Accountants&Advisors provides administrative support including accounting, taxation, and payroll services to growth-oriented companies headquartered in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Our services enable international startups to grow faster while operating in accordance with regulations in Japan.

Our professionals

Jun Harada

Jun Harada

Managing Partner

Jun Harada is the managing partner of Aoba Accountants&Advisors.

Prior to founding Aoba Accountants&Advisors, he was at Arthur Andersen, Nomura Securities, Yahoo Japan and Livedoor, proactively involved in a variety of accounting, corporate finance and business development projects.

He has drawn on his deep experience with the IT, securities, auditing, and entrepreneurial spaces to provide you with expert financial and accounting services.

He is also a lecturer at Yokohama National University specializing in Entrepreneurship and Accounting.

Akihiko Jingu

Akihiko Jingu

Senior Partner

Akihiko Jingu is the senior partner of the firm.

After working at EY, he joined Aoba Accountants&Advisors. At EY, he has extensive experience in tax compliance services for Japanese subsidiaries of global companies, Japanese multinational companies, and major listed companies.

One of his main strengths is his ability to provide in-depth insights from a broad perspective on accounting and taxation for a variety of industries, business categories, and corporations of various sizes based on the above work experience.

Our Locations

Tokyo3-1-30 Jingumae Shibuya-ku,
3rd Floor
Tokyo, 〒150-0001
Yokohama1-15-17 Ohkurayama Kohoku-ku, Yokohama
4th Floor
Kanagawa, 〒222-0037