Accounting and Tax Services

International Companies

We provide administrative support including accounting, taxation,
and payroll services to growth-oriented companies.

Why work with us?


Onestop Service

We provide one-stop administrative services required by small to midsized foreign-affiliated companies, ranging from tax and accounting services (bookkeeping, monthly reports to headquarters, and tax return preparation) to administrative support (payroll calculation, bank transfers, and invoicing). Since full-time accounting personnel are no longer required, companies can expand business in Japan while keeping costs down.

Onestop Service
International Tax


International Tax

Our tax accountants from the Big 4 handle tax and BEPS documentation for overseas transactions, so you can receive the appropriate advice when determining the terms and conditions of your transactions with the head office.


English Support

We provide English-language support for enquiries from headquarters regarding Japanese tax, accounting, and social insurance systems.

English Support

Our Services

Taxation Services

Tax consultation
Tax returns

Back-office Functions

Payroll calculation
Expense transfer

Communication Support

Monthly reports
to the head office
Q&A with the headquarters

Work Optimization

Cloud accounting software
Going Paperless

Our Clients

Currently, our clients’ headquarters are located in the following countries:

EUROPEUnited Kingdom
AMERICASUnited StatesCanada
ASIA PACIFICAustraliaSingaporeHong Kong

Who should work with us?

Those looking for an accounting firm based in Tokyo and Yokohama

Those who are looking for international tax consulting services
that require specialized knowledge

Those who are looking for a tax accountant who can respond in English